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Jessica Sitomer's Insider Circle

Time For Results!


Greenlight U

Learn how to get more work, better work or different work


Facebook Deep Dive

In this training, I'll cover: - topics/conversations that are great for going live - 30 days of topics to post on Facebook (and Instagram) - how to create Questions of the Week - how to create a call to action for a post + 4 more of my FAQs


Blogging For Business

This class is all about building connection with your clients through blogging. How to start, what to blog about, how to build an audience, and how to build a lasting relationship that translates to business success!


Be An Influencer

If you don’t have a personal stylist/photographer/social media expert, then this class is for you. I walk you through every aspect of establishing your own brand, from the tone to the colors, and how to specifically curate social media posts.