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- Over 20 years of business experience, and has taught thousands how to create the career of their dreams in the toughest industry in the world!
- Teaches you how to stand out and differentiate yourself from the competition, but still be yourself
- Helps you develop tangible business skills necessary to achieving success
- Utilizes strategic programs for achieving success far quicker, with less work and better results
- Has sifted through all the fads and unproven promises, and focuses on verifiable, essential business building components that get real results
- Provides an affordable, step-by-step program, with personal access and support
- Unlimited FB access                                                                                                                                                                                                                      - Cancel any time…you have nothing to lose!

Just give us 30 days notice when you want to be removed from the monthly program.


Here's What's Waiting For You!


  • A message from Jessica
  • Welcome Video from Jessica
  • Live Q&A May 2020
  • W.O.M. May 2020
  • Conversation Igniter Issue 12 MP3, MP4, PDF
  • Social Media Tracking Tool
  • Growing Your Audience April 2020
  • April Live Q&A 2020
  • April W.O.M. Resilience
  • Conversation Igniter Issue 11
  • March 2020 Live Q&A
  • Moving Forward a 2 Month Plan March Biz
  • March W.O.M. UNWRITTEN
  • Growing YOUr Business February 2020 Biz Training
  • Feb W.O.M. Grit



  • Goal Setting 2020 Bonus Module
  • Fear in Business January Biz Topic 2020

Past Business Topics


  • Bringing in the New Decade Dec 2019 Biz Training
  • Overwhelm Attacking it from Every Angle Nov 2019
  • Building Your Business Maximizing the Holidays
  • 90 Days of Social Media Content Sept Biz Training
  • Up Level Your Story Telling Aug Biz Training
  • Update on Must Dos for Social Media
  • Be Remarkable June Biz Training
  • Networking Musts May Biz Training
  • Deep Dive into Expert Status April Biz Training
  • Biz Basics Prioritizing March Biz
  • Personal Image Feb Biz Training
  • Maintain Motivation Jan Biz Training
  • Design 2019 Dec Biz Training 2018
  • January 2020 Word of Month Possibility
  • Elevator Pitch Nov Biz training 2018
  • Holiday Training Oct Biz Training 2018

Past Q&As


  • Feb Q&A 2020
  • January 2020 Live Q&A
  • Dec 2019 Q&A
  • November Q&A 2019
  • October Q&A 2019
  • September Q&A 2019
  • August 2019 Q&A
  • July Q&A
  • New Feature... Subjects covered in Q&A This one is for JULY
  • June Q&A 2019
  • May 2019 Q&A
  • March 2019 Q&A
  • February 2019 Q&A
  • January 2019 Q&A
  • Feb 2018 Q&A
  • March 2018 Q&A



From Natasha Davis

I am super excited and cant wait to learn

About Your Instructor

Jessica Sitomer

Jessica Sitomer

Business Building Mentor

As a business coach and mentor to thousands in the entertainment industry, travel, entrepreneurship, network marketing, and many other fields of business, I can say without a doubt, there is nothing more thrilling than my clients' success. I'm obsessed with making your dreams a reality!









I was up for an Emmy and I spoke with Jessica on how to keep the ball rolling. She was helpful then and she’s also helpful now in how to keep people in the business aware of what I’m doing” Directory of Photography Elementary, American Horror Show, Smash, Person of Interest, Rescue Me
Tom Houghton
“I have been working with Jessica and in one single year I have exceeded every goal I set at a faster rate than I could have ever imagined. Also helpful is participating in the live monthly coaching calls, where you have access to Jessica and laser coaching on whatever issue you are in need of help with. ” Photographer Girls Trip, Better Call Saul, Bad Moms, Maniac
Michele K. Short
“I had never learned any new skills to be effective at getting from where I was to where I wanted to be. I knew more was possible but I was frustrated, and was looking for a way to move forward. Jessica Sitomer’s coaching has enabled me to discover things that I couldn’t see were holding me back. She helped me develop new habits and practices that supported me” Bella & the Bulldogs, Sigmund & the Sea Monsters, Jessie, Girl Meets World
Michael Franks Emmy-winning Cinematographer for MIDNIGHT MOVER


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